Kara Kaufmann

hushed vocals, weightless melodies


A sucker for a sweet love song. An expert at soothing a weary heart. 

While Kara Kaufmann's piano-drive melodies are woven with personal story that doesn't always sing the praises of sweet love, it's her seemingly valium-laced vocals that have soothed souls in wine bars, that have softened rock band stages. 

This is music for the easiest of mornings, for the calmest of nights. 

Growing up in the Great Lakes on a countryside plot of land is what inspired the calm disposition and warm grace found on Kara’s first full-length release, The Curious Case of the Past, which emerged in 2010. A tour throughout Ontario and the Midwestern United States cultivated a following at house concerts, art galleries, jazz bars and festivals in college towns and big cities alike. One of the album's singles, "Maple Leaf" even made an appearance in the major motion picture, "Stash House."

From her days busking in Stratford, Ontario to singing lullabies with her babies in the family's new hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah, Kara's music has continued to grow and diversify over her decade-long career. 

Work on her second full-length album has been steady over the last two years, with an expected release in 2017. 

And then after that? With all the lullabies these days, she's thinking a children's album seems apropos. 



Photographer: Myles Wilson